Sapporo One-Day Tour (Excluding Multilingual Audio System)

  • Minimum requirement of one passenger to operate.
  • 1 day tour
  • Meal included
Operation Period Apr 27 – Oct 31, 2018 (N/S between Aug. 10 - 13)
Duration 10 hours 25 min Passengers who have signed up for lunch included course or no meals course is 8hours and 35 min.
Distance 61km
Embarkation Point/Departure and Arrival Times
Sapporo Station Bus Terminal: Dep. 9:40, Arr. 20:05
Lunch Course/No meal course: Dep. 9:40 Arr. 18:15
Lunch and Dinner Plan Adult 8,800 Yen
Child 6,150 Yen
Lunch Plan Adult 6,500 Yen
Child 3,850 Yen
No Meal Plan Adult 5,600 Yen
Child 2,950 Yen

※ Lunch ( 2 meal and lunch course), dinner ( 2 meal course), admission to Hitsujigaoka Observation Hill, fare for Mt.Moiwa Ropeway and cable car.

みどころ PICK UP!!

This is a perfect tour to visit the major sightseeing spots of Sapporo. Enjoy Ramen and Jingiskan(Genghis Khan BBQ), which represent the food culture unique to Hokkaido and Mt. Moiwa.


This tour takes you to the popular tourist spots and offers three kinds of Hokkaido’s gourmet cuisine.
Departing from Sapporo Station, you will first visit Sapporo Wholesale Market, Hokkaido’s kitchen. We will enjoy free time at the whole sale market. The outside market consists of 71 retail shops and restaurants thriving close together and selling fresh seafood and produce, which are purchased directly from Central Wholesale Market nearby, at discount prices.
The face to face communication and excitement of the market as the shop owners call out to customers, is an experience you don’t want to miss. After the visit to the Sapporo Outside Market, we head to Shiroi Koibito Park.
You will visit Aurora Fountain, Chocolate Cup Collection and Shiroi Koibito Cookie Production Line where the toys from the good old days are displayed. It may be a good idea to try some of the sweets at Ishiya after your tour.(Depending on the season, some areas of the facility may not be open to viewing.)
For lunch, you will next visit Sapporo Ganso-Ramen Yokocho where you can enjoy fine noodles which are one of the gourmet foods of Hokkaido. You can choose one of the shops open and enjoy a bowl of Ramen worth up to ¥900.
After we have filled up on good ramen, we will head to Hitsujigaoka Observation Hill, which is well known for the statue of “Dr. William S. Clark”. In summer, you can see Sapporo Dome looming beyond the grasslands, and the beautiful city of Sapporo. Take a photo in front of the Clark statue, which is quite big up close, or take a break and relax as you dip your feet into the foot bath.
From Hitsujigaoka Observation Hill, the bus will head for Mt. Moiwa, where we will take the ropeway halfway up the mountain, and then transfer to the new Morris Car (mini cable car). In just 70 seconds, you will be whisked through the forest to the summit. From the roof of the two-story building of the recently renovated Mt. Moiwa Summit Station, you can enjoy a commanding view of the city.
Once we descend from the mountain, we will head to Mt. Okura Ski Jump, our final destination.
At Mt. Okura, you have the option of taking the chairlift to the observation deck, where you can take in the sweeping view of downtown Sapporo. From here, we will head to Sapporo Biergarten, where you will enjoy your dinner meal. (for passengers on the 2 meal course)
Our meal here is Genghis Khan(Jingisukan) Lamb BBQ. This is the only one restaurant where you can have the freshest barbecued lamb. Enjoy the 70 min all-you-can-eat Jingisukan and satisfy your appetite. Don’t miss this opportunity to enjoy two kinds of Hokkaido gourmet cuisine and visit to the most popular sightseeing spots in Sapporo.



9:40 Sapporo Station Bus Terminal
10:10~10:55 ①Sapporo central wholesale market(shopping / free time )【45min】
11:15~12:25 ②Shiroi Koibito Park (free time) [70 min]
13:00~13:45 ③Susukino Ramen Yokocho (lunch) [45 min]
14:15~14:50 Hitsujigaoka Observation Hill (free time) [35 min]
15:20~16:35 Mt. Moiwa Ropeway and Morris Car (visit and rides) 【75min】
16:50~17:50 ④Mt. Okura Ski Jump (free time) [60 min]
18:10 Sapporo Clock Tower (Lunch and No meal course passengers)
18:15 Sapporo Station Bus Terminal (Lunch and no meal course passengers)
18:25~19:45 ⑤Sapporo Biergarten (All-you-can-eat fresh lamb Genghis Khan for 70min.)
20:00 Sapporo Clock Tower
20:05 Sapporo Station Bus Terminal
  • ※①Show your regular sightseeing bus ticket and receive a 5% discount on items, and a 10% discount on marine and agricultural products at the following locations (Excludes some items. Cannot be used in conjunction with other coupons). 
*, Iwamoto Store, , Kanedai, Kitano Ryoba 1Go Branch, 2 Go Branch, 3 Go Branch, Nemuro Sugiyama Fisheries, Hokkaido Special Products, Nagamine Fisheries, Nikkai 1Go Branch, 2 Go Branch, 3 Go Branch.
  • From April 1, the Shiroi Koibito cookie production line at Shiroi Koibito Park, will under go renovations. For this reason, admission will be free during this time. (There is no passport for admission)For Regular Sightseeing passengers who have paid adult prices, Shiroi Koibito cookies (9 pcs), candy for children, will be distributed. During the renovations, the Shiroi Koibito cookie production line will not be viewable. (A video of the process line is scheduled to be shown. )After Sept 1, the Aurora Fountain and Chocolate Cup Collection will not be viewable. The shops, Picadilly, Candy Lab, and inner court(rose gardens) will be open throughout the renovations. (some areas will be open in a smaller scale.)
  • Choose from one of the restaurants in Ramen Yokocho and enjoy a bowl of Ramen worth up to ¥900. Extra charges needed for anything over that price.
  • The following 11 ramen shops, including Kumayoshi, Tenho, Tomiya, Kunimitsu, Teshikaga, Shimijimi , Higuma, Ichinokura, Baisensha, Karyu, and Toriban usually open at 13:00. (They sometimes are closed without notice)
  • Show the bus ticket stub and get a 10% discount for admission fee to the Winter Sapporo Olympic Museum. Soft Serve Ice Cream ¥50 OFF . No chair-lift service is available during the ski jump competitions and open practice (Jul, Aug, Oct, Nov), but visitors can enter the ski jump stadium for extra 300yen.
  • Mt. Okura Ski Jump Stadium is open until 18:00. If arrival to Mt. Okura is delayed due to traffic, we may not have a whole hour for touring the facility. In that case, you may not be able to ride the chairlift, or visit the museum. (Last chairlift, and last admission is at 17:30) The Olympic Stadium will not be open for viewing from Apr 27 - 30. The chairlifts will also be unavailable on Apr 27 and 28.
  • Dinner will be all-you-can-eat Genghis Khan Lamb BBQ at Sapporo Biergarten (70min). This includes a small draft beer (500ml) or soft drink, and two rice balls. *Passengers who chose the Lunch course, or the No meal course have the following options: Get off at Sapporo Biergarten. (Show your regular sightseeing bus ticket and receive a 10% discount on your meal.) Those who get off at the Biergarten can board the Sapporo 1-Cay Course 19:45 bus from the Biergarten. If you choose to dine at the Biergarten, please make your own reservations.

Schedule Calendar

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※Colored days are operating days.


Special Notes

※Tour will be cancelled when there is no reservation by 18:00 the day before.
※Duration of sightseeing may be changed due to the traffic and the number of passengers
※Arrival time will be earlier than scheduled time due to the holiday break or the restriction condition of the facility.
※Please allow enough time for transfer to the other modes of transport, because buses may be delayed due to the traffic jams or adverse weather conditions.
※Tours may be cancelled due to a disaster (road closure due to marathon race) etc. Please contact us and check the situation with the tour in the event of abnormal weather.