Hokkaido Must See Tour (Yuni Garden, Northern Horse Park & Yubari Melon All – You- Can – Eat – Course) (Excluding Multilingual Audio System)

  • Minimum requirement of one passenger to operate.
  • 1 day tour
  • Recommendations
  • Nature of Hokkaido
  • It is possible to get off at New Chitose Airport
  • View the Flowers
  • Meal included
Operation Period Jun 15 - Aug 20, 2018
Duration 9 hours 20 min (8 hr and 55 min during some periods)
Distance 179km
Embarkation Point/Departure and Arrival Times
Sapporo Station Bus Terminal /Dep. 8:25, Arr. 17:20 (Jun 15 - 19, Aug 11 - 20)
Sapporo Station Bus Terminal/ Dep 8:25, Arr 17:45 (Jun 20 - Aug 10)

※Includes Lunch, All-you-can-eat melon.
This includes admission to Yuni Garden and Northern Horse Park.

みどころ PICK UP!!

Discover the suburbs of Sapporo, Yuni Garden, K’s Garden in Northern Horse Park and historical buildings in Yubari, and visit the Yubari Melon Market and see how the finest melons are selected, plus enjoy unlimited samples of Yubari melon!

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This course takes you to the popular tourist spots of Suburb of Sapporo.
Departing from Sapporo, you will firstly visit Yuni Garden which is British-style garden. There are 11 theme gardens at the site and the center house which houses restaurant and cafeteria. You can visit “Inner Garden” which sells fresh vegetables harvested in Yuni and herb seedling. It is very useful to ride on “Herbie Go (circuit bus)” in such a huge garden.
From here we will go to Yubari, where we will see how the finest melons are selected in the Yubari Agricultural Co Op Market, then on to Yubari Melon Terrace,where you will have all-you-can-eat buffet lunch made with many local ingredients, at Yubari Melon Terrace. We recommend you try the all-you-can-eat Yubari melons, a very famous and high class brand of melon, for dessert. Here you can also purchase Yubari melons at the market on the 1F of the Melon Terrace.
After we leave the Melon Terrace, you will go to K’s Garden in Northern Horse Park, where you can enjoy the view of pastures from the 8-meter-high observatory “Umami no Oka,” located on the east side. Seeing calm landscapes and horses beyond the fences eating grass, will make you feel as though you have blended into the vast nature of Hokkaido. This is convenient course for tourists who wish to be dropped off at New Chitose Airport.



Itinerary (Jun 15 - 19, Aug 11 - 20)

8:25 Sapporo Station Bus Terminal
  via NH 12
  via NH 274
9:45~11:10 ※①Yuni Gardens (free time to explore) [85 min]
12:10~13:20 ※③Melon Terrace (Lunch, all-you-can-eat melon, shopping) [70 min]
14:05~15:35 ※④Northern Horse Park (K's Garden, Umamino-Oka, free time to explore) [90 min]
15:55 New Chitose Airport (DO possible)
15:57 International Flight Terminal (DO possible)
16:00 ※⑤JR Minami Chitose Station (Chitose Outlet Mall Rera, DO possible)
  Chitose IC
16:20~16:35 Wattsu SA (rest) [15 min]
  Sapporo Minami IC
17:10 Sapporo Factory (DO possible)
17:15 Sapporo Clock Tower (DO possible)
17:20 Sapporo Station Bus Terminal

Itienrary (Jun 20 - Aug 10)

8:25 Sapporo Station Bus Terminal
  NH Route 12
  Route 274
9:45~11:10 ※①Yuni Garden (free time) 【85min】
11:55~12:20 ※②Yubari Agricultural Co-op [25 min]
12:35~13:45 ※③Yubari Melon Terrace (lunch ,all-you-can-eat melons, shopping)【70min】
14:30~16:00 ※④ Northern Horse Park (free time at K’s Garden and Umami-no Oka) [90 min]
16:20 New Chitose Airport (DO possible)
16:22 International Flight Terminal (DO possible)
16:25 ※⑤ JR Minami Chitose Station (Chitose Outlet Mall Rera, DO possibile)
16:45~17:00 Wattsu SA (rest) [15 min]
17:35 Sapporo Factory (DO possible)
17:40 Sapporo Clock Tower (DO possible)
17:45 Sapporo Station Bus Terminal
  • ※①Show the bus ticket stub and get 5% discount for goods at fragrance shop of the Center House. You will also get free ride for the circuit bus.
  • ※②Tour the agricultural co-op and see how they select the finest Yubari melons.
  • ※③Lunch is buffet style. (Delicious dishes made with local ingredients.)
  • Children under elementary school(accompanied by parent) will pay ¥600 on site.
  • For dessert, there will be all-you-can-eat melon(60 min). You can also purchase the melons on the 1F gift shop.
  • Show your bus ticket stub and receive one Yubari Melon Jelly. Basically, Yubari melon will be served, but there may be other red-meat melon such as Quincy Melon depending on availability.
  • ※④Show your bus ticket stub and get a 10% discount for an unlimited pass for leisure activities.
  • ※⑤You will have to walk to Chitose Outlet Mall Rera. If you decide to return to New Chitose Airport, there is a free shuttle bus between the mall and airport. If you wish to return to Sapporo, you be required to pay transportation.

An animation introduces each course.


Schedule Calendar

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8 9 10 11 12 13 14
15 16 17 18 19 20 21
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※Colored days are operating days.


Special Notes

※Tour will be cancelled when there is no reservation by 18:00 the day before.
※Duration of sightseeing may be changed due to the traffic and the number of passengers
※Arrival time will be earlier than scheduled time due to the holiday break or the restriction condition of the facility.
※Please allow enough time for transfer to the other modes of transport, because buses may be delayed due to the traffic jams or adverse weather conditions.
※Tours may be cancelled due to the snow disaster. Please contact us to reconfirm the operation in the event of abnormal weather.