Scenic Cape Shakotan Autumn Tour(Excluding Multilingual Audio System)

  • Minimum requirement of one passenger to operate.
  • 1 day tour
  • Recommendations
  • Fruit Picking
  • Nature of Hokkaido
  • It is possible to get on the bus at Otaru Terminal
  • Hot springs
  • Meal included
Operation Period Oct 1 - 31, 2017 (N/S on Oct 4, 11, 18, and 25)
Duration 10 hours 15 mins
Distance 237km
Embarkation Point/Departure and Arrival Times
Sapporo Station Bus Terminal / Start: 8:30 End: 18:45
Otaru Station Bus Terminal / Start: 9:20 End: 17:35

※Includes lunch, fruit picking at Sakuranbo-Yama Sightseeing Farm, and admission to Misaki-no-Yu bath.

みどころ PICK UP!!

Enjoy a breath of fresh air and a 360-degree panoramic view of nature



This tour takes you along NW 229 to Cape Kamui, the tip of Shakotan Peninsula. From the bus you will see a spectacular view of cliff as well as strange and rough rocks. This year, we have added fall fruit picking (grapes and apples). All paid participants will receive 3 apples each. Visit “Cape Kamui,” the highlight of this course.
Local legend has it that any ship, which has women on board, will sink if it tries to sail past Cape Kamui, which prohibited the presence of women in early times. This is also the subject of Yoshitsune’s lost love story. Today, there is a boardwalk from the parking area to the cape point.
At Rinkoso, we will enjoy a delicious lunch made with local ingredients. On our way home, we will stop in at Misakinoyu, Shakotan to bathe in the hot springs. Indulge in the breathtaking view as you soak in the marvelous hot springs. Feel your body slowly unwind, as you gaze upon the beautiful Sea of Japan from the outdoor bath. This course originates in Otaru, as well as Sapporo, so it is convenient for our guests staying in Otaru.



8:30 Sapporo Station Bus Terminal
9:20 ①Otaru Station Bus Terminal
10:00~11:00 ②Sakuranbo-Yama Sightseeing Farm (apple and grape picking) [60 min]
12:20~13:00 ③Irika, Rinko-so (lunch) [40 min]
13:25~14:25 Cape Kamui (sightseeing) [60 min]
14:45~16:00 ④Misaki-no-Yu Shakotan (Bathing and rest) 【75min】
16:50~17:05 Road Station Yoichi (rest) [15 min]
17:35 Otaru Station Bus Terminal
18:10 Nishimachi Kita 20 and Miyanosawa Station
18:25 Kita 1 Nishi 12
18:40 Sapporo Clock Tower
18:45 Sapporo Station Bus Terminal
  • ※①Please board the bus from Platform 6 at Otaru Station Bus Terminal.
  • ※②Grap and apple picking for 35 min (you will get to take home 3). If you wish to take home all that you pick, you will need to pay extra on site. Don't forget to try Sakuranbo-Yama Sightseeing Farm's famous cherry soft serve ice cream for ¥350. Children under 6 years old, who do not pay child's fare for the bus, will be required to pay ¥450 for admission.
  • Bringing baggage other than your valuables into the orchard is prohibited. Please leave your belongings on the bus.
  • When picking grapes, cut the bottom section of the bunch of grapes to taste, and then cut off a whole bunch to eat.
    The cost for picking grapes to take home is ¥60 per 100 grams.
  • After you have finished picking and eating apples, you will receive 3 apples to take home, so please put them in the designated bags, and take them home.
    The cost for picking apples to take home is ¥35 per 100 grams.
  • Fruit picking may be over depending on the crops of that year.
  • ※③Lunch menu: Crab hot pot, shrimp shiokara, stewed small fish, salmon roe pickled in soy sauce, deep fried ataka mackerel, stewed seaweed and jellyfish, vinegared dish, cured herring, sashimi (salmon, whelk and shrimp), pickles and rice. (content subject to change).
  • ※④We have a rest room prepared at Misaki-no-Yu. Towels are for sale only. (Hand towel ¥300, bath towel ¥400, bath and hand towel set 600) Shampoo, conditioner and body soap provided.

Schedule Calendar

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15 16 17 18 19 20 21
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※Colored days are operating days.


Special Notes

※Tour will be cancelled when there is no reservation by 18:00 the day before.
※Duration of sightseeing may be changed due to the traffic and the number of passengers. Arrival times may also be delayed, so please allow ample time for transferring to other modes of transportation.
※Arrival time may be earlier than scheduled due to limits on tours or closed days at each facility.
※Please allow enough time for transfer to the other modes of transport, because buses may be delayed due to the traffic jams or adverse weather conditions.
※Tours may be cancelled due to a disaster (road closure due to marathon race) etc. Please contact us and check the situation with the tour in the event of abnormal weather.
※Special discounts apply to persons who have disability certificates issued under the law for the Welfare of Physically Disabled, or persons with a certificate issued for the mentally handicapped.