Shiroi Koibito Park, Exploring Otaru Canal and Yoichi Winter Tour

  • Minimum requirement of one passenger to operate.
  • 1 day tour
  • Exploring Otaru
Operation Period Dec 1, 2016- Mar 31, 2017 (N/S between Dec 25 - Jan 7)
Duration 8 hrs and 15 min
Distance km
Embarkation Point/Departure and Arrival Times
Sapporo Station Bus Terminal Dep. 9:50 Arr. 18:05

*Includes admission to paid areas of the Shiroi Koibito Park.

みどころ PICK UP!!

This is a recommended course to enjoy sightseeing in Otaru and Yoichi.


This course includes much free time in the scenic area so that passengers can take their time to enjoy sightseeing in Otaru. This course will also take passengers to beautiful winter highlight spots such as the Yoichi Whisky Distillery and other interesting sights.

*Recommended sights to see during your free time in Otaru.
Otaru Canal Cruise – The Otaru Canal Cruise will give you a chance to rediscover the romantic and historical city of Otaru. Charismatic captains will take you on an exciting 40 minute journey down the canal. For details please check the website. http://otaru.cc/

Nitori Otaru Art Base – Built on Wall Street of the north, this collection of glorious art museums are built inside historical landmarks of Otaru. Inside the museum you will find a collection of 140 pieces of stained glass that adorned the churches of England, between the end of the 19th Century and early 20th Century, around the time the city of Otaru was flourishing. Other artifacts include beautiful glass lamps by Emile Gallé, Daum Brothers, and other artists who represent the Art Nouveau period.
For details please visit the website at http://www.nitorihd.co.jp/otaru-art-base/

Kitaichi Glass Factory – The signature souvenir of Otaru is the beautiful glass works. Among the many glass items sold in Otaru, Kitaichi Glass is the most famous, with over several thousand items, all of top quality. Besides shopping, you can also enjoy dining and hands-on activities.
For more details please visit the website at http://www.kitaichiglass.co.jp/index.html

Otaru Music Box Museum – The clear sound of a music box blends well with the nostalgic atmosphere of the streets of Otaru, which is very popular among our foreign visitors as well.
For details please visit http://www.otaru-orgel.co.jp/j_main.html



9:50 Sapporo Station Bus Terminal
10:30~11:30 *①Shiroi Koibito Park (tour)
Sapporo Nishi IC
Otaru IC
12:15~14:50 *②Otaru Canal Terminal (free time for lunch, exploring Kitaichi Glass, the Venetian Museum and the Otaru Canal area.)
15:30~16:20 Nikka Whisky *③Hokkaido Yoichi Distillery
16:55 Chuo Bus Otaru Station Bus Terminal
Otaru IC
Sapporo Kita IC
17:30 Disembarkation possible at the following locations.
Nishimachi Kita 20-chome (Miyanosawa Subway Station disembarkation possible)
17:45 Kita 1 Jo Nishi 12-chome
18:00 Sapporo Clock Tower
18:05 Sapporo Station Bus Terminal
  • *①On days that Shiroi Koibito Park production line is suspended due to maintenance(definite dates unknown), it cannot be viewed.
  • *②Recommended tourist attractions in Otaru.
  • Otaru Canal Cruise (about 40 min) Adults ¥1,400, children (elementary school) ¥500 Leaves on the hour and every 30 minutes past the hour.
    One toddlers(4 - 6)can ride free with one adult. Cruises will be cancelled in strong winds or inclement weather. The cruise is not in operation between Dec 14 - 21. The boats are covered with plastic curtains, but it is still cold, so be sure to dress warm.
  • Nitori Otaru Art Base Adults ¥700, college and high school students ¥500, jr. high school students and under do not pay.
    Closed every Wednesday (Closed Thursday if Wednesday falls on a holiday) ( Excludes Feb 8th)
  • Otaru Music Box Museum Purchase over ¥3,000 and receive an original strap. (must show bus ticket stub)
  • Kitakaro Show your bus ticket stub and receive two Hamanasu-no-Koi cookies. (must show bus ticket stub)
  • Those who are interested can have a group photo taken. (Each photo is ¥1,000)
  • *We will hand out a 10% coupon that can be used at the Kitano Ryoba Otaru Branch, Otaru No. 5, Otaru Canal Annex, for marine, agriculture and craft products, as well as dining, and a 5 % discount coupon for snacks. (Excludes drinks, alcohol, special sets including shipping, shipping, and cold cases.) We have a special menu(separate pay) prepared at the Kitano Ryoba for the Regular Sightseeing Bus passengers.
  • *Chuo Bus Original Seafood Donburi: ¥1,598(with tax)
  • *Sea Urchin and Salmon Roe Donburi: ¥3,218 (with tax),
  • *Kitamae Donburi: ¥2,462(with tax)
  • *Show your Regular Sightseeing Bus ticket stub and you can receive a discount at Otaru Bine (some items not eligible), Otaru Canal Diner (Excludes Kuraya inside the Otaru Canal Diner), and dining at Hanagokoro Otaru.
  • *③Each individual is responsible for touring and sampling individually. ( Please note that if arrival is delayed, you may not have time to explore, or sample the drinks.)

Schedule Calendar

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12 13 14 15 16 17 18
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26 27 28 29 30 31  

※Colored days are operating days.


Special Notes

◎If no reservations are made by 18:00 the day before, the tour will be cancelled.
◎Tour time at each facility will depend on traffic that day, the number of passengers and other factors.
◎Arrival time for this course may be earlier depending on whether or not the facility is open or not, or limitations on tours.
◎Please note that the buses may be delayed due to inclement weather or traffic conditions, so please allow ample time for transfers to other means of transportation.
◎The tour may be cancelled due to disasters or other unavoidable circumstances, so please be sure to contact us about whether the tour is in operation during unusual weather.