Grand Park Otaru Dinner Buffet and Otaru Mt. Tengu Great View Tour (Excluding Multilingual Audio System)

  • Minimum requirement of one passenger to operate.
  • Ropeway・Gondola riding
  • Half-day afternoon tour
  • Nightview Course
  • It is possible to get on the bus at Otaru Terminal
  • Exploring Otaru
  • Meal included
Operation Period June 1 - Sept 10, 2018
Duration 7 hours
Distance 86km
Embarkation Point/Departure and Arrival Times
Sapporo Station Bus Terminal/ Dep 14:55 Arr 21:55

*Includes Dinner and Ropeway fare for Mt. Tengu

みどころ PICK UP!!

Enjoy a dinner buffet made with generous amounts of Hokkaido ingredients, then we will see the nightscape of Otaru, which is one of three nightscapes of Hokkaido. Take in the beautiful view where the past and present meet, and which speaks to a moment beyond what words can capture.


Otaru is the hilly city which tells tales of now and past. As it has almost none of flatland except the port area, you will see many slopes while walking. This tour takes you upslope to the top of Mt. Tengu by rope way, you can enjoy one of the three major nightscape of Hokkaido.
The panoramic night view and the romantic streetscape of historical buildings lit brightly are just incredible. And, you can enjoy the contrasts of indigo-blue water and the brightness lit by the ships and shops along the shore. This tour is convenient for tourists form Otaru because it includes transfers from Otaru as well as Sapporo.
After arrival in Otaru, you will have free time to explore the Otaru Canal area. The canal is 1140 meters long and almost 20 meters wide along the prefectural coastal highway. There are 63 gas lamps that light up in the evening, and stone warehouses that remain in their original state, but now serve as restaurants. The gas lamps provide a gentle glow while the stone warehouses are illuminated, creating a completely alternate view compared to daytime.
After exploring Otaru, we will enjoy a high class dinner buffet comprised of Japanese, Western and Chinese dishes, at the Grand Park Hotel Otaru.
The final scenic spots we will view such as the nightscape from Mt. Tangu, not to mention the lit up historical monuments are an amazing sight you don’t want to miss. The contrast of sparkling boats on the ocean and bright town lights is also beautiful.
The tour originates in Otaru, as well as Sapporo, and is highly recommended for those staying in Otaru.



14:55 Sapporo Station Bus Terminal
  Via Nishi 5-chome
  Sapporo Kita IC
  Otaru IC
15:45 Chuo Bus Otaru Station Bus Terminal
15:55~16:10 Former Hokkaido Bank Main Office (Otaru Bine) [15 min]
  Via Sakaimachi-dori
16:20~17:50 ※①Kitaichi Glass, Otaru Music Box Museum, and Kitakaro (free time to explore) [90 min]
18:00~19:20 ※②Grand Park Otaru (Dinner buffet) [80 min]
19:45~20:35 ※③Mt. Tengu (Ropeway ride to the summit and back)[50 min]
20:45 Chuo Bus Otaru Station Bus Terminal(DO)
  Otaru IC
  Sapporo Kita IC
21:20 Nishimachi Kita 20-chome (Miyanosawa Subway Station, DO possible)
21:35 Kita 1 Jo Nishi 12-chome (DO possible)
21:50 Sapporo Clock Tower (DO possible)
21:55 Sapporo Station Bus Terminal
  • ※① The bus will drop passengers off in front of Kitaichi Glass Emporium, then return again for pick up at the same spot. Show your bus ticket stub at Kitakaro and receive "2 Hamanasu-no-koi cookies."
  • We will hand out discount tickets that will give you a * a 5% discount on snacks, and a 10% discount on marine and agricultural products as well as meals at Kitano Ryoba Otaru Canal Branch, Otaru No. 5 Branch, and Otaru Canal Annex. (Excludes Chuo Bus recommended menu, drinks, alcohol, economical sets including shipping, shipping and cooler cases)
    The Otaru Canal Annex is a dining facility (there is no gift shop).
  • ※②Dinner at Grand Park will be buffet style.
  • Japanese, Chinese and Western style buffet made with generous amounts of Hokkaido ingredients. (all-you-can- eat 70 min)
  • ※③All passengers will receive a 10% discount coupon that can be used for drinks at the Summit Restaurant on Mt. Tengu, Otaru.
    Please note that in cases of where the ropeway is closed due to inclement weather or breakdowns, we will hand out a souvenir of Mt. Tengu instead.
    Between June and August, it is still light outside, and the nightscape may not be visible.

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Special Notes

*The tour will be cancelled if there are no reservations by 18:00 the day before the tour.
*Duration at each location is subject to change according to traffic conditions, number of passengers and other elements. Further, arrival time can be delayed, so we suggest you allow ample time to connect to other means of transportation.
*Please understand that arrival time for each course can be earlier than expected if some facilities are closed, or tours are limited.
*Buses may be delayed do to traffic conditions or inclement weather. Please allow ample time to connect to other means of transportation.
*Tours may be cancelled in the event of a disaster or traffic restrictions due to marathons or other events. Please confirm whether the tour is in operation at such times.