Upopoy (National Ainu Museum and Park), Lake Toya, and Mt. Usuzan Geopark Tour (Multilingual Audio Guidance System)

【Concerning the suspension of ALL Regular Sightseeing Buses due to the Declaration of State of Emergency regarding the prevention of the spread of Novel COVID-19】

We thank our patrons for the continued support and use of the Chuo Bus Company.
The Japanese government has declared a state of emergency that encompasses a wider area, as a special revised measure to prevent the further spread of the Novel COVID-19. Hokkaido prefecture has also issued preventative measures against the spread of the virus. In light of these new measures, and for the purpose of protecting the safety and health of our customers, prevention of the further spread of the virus is our priority. For this reason, we have decided to suspend ALL Regular Sightseeing courses until further notice.
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●Suspension period
Until further notice
●Suspended courses
All Regular Sightseeing Bus courses scheduled to operate during this period.
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【Concerning Changes to the Content of [Upopoy (National Ainu Museum and Park), Lake Toya, and Usuzan Geopark Course Tour]】

We thank you for your continued support of the Hokkaido Chuo Bus Regular Sightseeing Bus. This course was scheduled to be operated using the multilingual audio guidance system beginning this year. However, due to the impact of COVID-19, we expect a significant decrease in foreign tourists for the foreseeable future. For this reason, we will change our course content from the multilingual audio guidance course to a guided course with a tour guide who will provide an explanation of the sights in Japanese.

  • Minimum requirement of one passenger to operate.
  • 1 day tour
  • Dam・Marsh・Lake
  • Multilingual guided tour
  • New courses
  • It is possible to get off at New Chitose Airport
  • Meal included
Operation Period Jun. 1- Oct. 31, 2020
Duration 10 hours and 30 min
Distance 272km
Embarkation Point/Departure and Arrival Times
Sapporo Station Bus Terminal/ Dep 8:20 Arr 18:50
(Dep 8:30 Arr 19:00 between Sep. 1- Oct. 31)
High school students
Jr. High school students

*Includes Lunch, ropeway fare, and admission to Upopoy (National Ainu Museum and Park)

みどころ PICK UP!!

This new 2020 Regular Sightseeing course features a tour of Upopoy(National Ainu Museum and Park) which is the first national museum in Japan to feature the indigenous Ainu, and Toyako-Usuzan Geopark, the first geopark in the nation to be recognized by the Global Geoparks Network, in one day.


Silo Observatory
This observatory provides a spectacular view of Lake Toya, the Nakajima Islands in the lake, Mt. Usuzan and Mt. Showa Shinzan.

Lake Toya and Mt. Usuzan Geopark
The geopark features Lake Toya which was formed 100 thousand years ago due to a massive volcanic eruption, as well as Mt. Usuzan which was formed due to volcanic activity 20 thousand years ago. Inside the park visitors can see the evidence and experience the geographic changes the land undergoes with volcanic activity. There are also many ruins from the Jomon period, as well as evidence pertaining to the lifestyles of the Ainu, which explains the history of people and how they coexisted with a volcano.

Mt. Usuzan Ropeway
From the summit station of Mt. Usuzan, past the crater observatory, there is the “”Usuzan Outer Rim Trail ,”" 1.1 km one-way(about 40 -50 min), leading to the Usuzan Outer Rim Observatory. From this vantage point, a sweeping view of the crater, Lake Toya, Mt. Yotei, and the Pacific Ocean can be seen.

Upopoy (National Ainu Museum & Park)
• National Ainu Museum
The first national museum featuring the indigenous Ainu. The museum introduces various artifacts concerning the history and culture of Ainu, seen from the perspective of the Ainu.
• National Ainu Park
This interactive field museum features various experiential programs, such as ancient dances, performances, and much more, so visitors can get a feel for Ainu culture.



June 1 - August 31

8:20 Sapporo Station Bus Terminal
9:35~9:50 Nakayama Pass (rest)【15 min】
10:50~11:10 Silo Observatory 【20 min】
11:35~13:55 ※①Mt. Usuzan Ropeway (lunch・ropeway ) Showa Shinzan Bear Farm (free time) 【140 min】
  Date IC
  Shiraoi IC
14:55~16:45 ※②Upopoy (National Ainu Museum & Park, free time to explore)【110 min】
  Shiraoi IC
  Chitose Airport IC
17:25 New Chitose Airport International Terminal
17:30 New Chitose Airport
  Chitose IC
17:50~18:05 Wattsu SA(rest) 【15分】
18:40 Sapporo Factory (D/O possible)
18:45 Sapporo Clock Tower (D/O possible)
18:50 Sapporo Station Bus Terminal

September 1 - October 31

8:30 Sapporo Station Bus Terminal
9:45~10:00 Nakayama Pass (rest)【15 min】
11:00~11:20 Silo Observatory【20分】
11:45~14:05 ※①Mt. Usuzan Ropeway(lunch/ropeway) Mt. Showa Shinzan Bear Farm (free time)【140 min】
  Date IC
  Shiraoi IC
15:05~16:55 ※②Upopoy (National Ainu Museum & Park, free time to explore)【110 min】
  Shiaoi IC
  Chitose Airport IC
17:35 New Chitose Airport International Terminal
17:40 New Chitose Airport
  Chitose IC
18:00~18:15 Wattsu SA(rest) 【15 min】
18:50 Sapporo Factory (D/O possible)
18:55 Sapporo Clock Tower (D/O possible)
19:00 Sapporo Station Bus Terminal
  • *This course will operate on the multilingual audio system (available in Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean), as passengers view the scenery from the bus windows. (A guide will accompany the tour but will not provide explanations for the sights.)
  • *Passengers getting off at New Chitose Airport - Please be sure to allow 60 minutes for connecting to domestic flights, and over 90 minutes for international flights.
  • *①The pathway to Mt. Usuzan summit is maintained, however, we ask that you be sure to wear comfortable shoes and clothing fit for walking.
    In the event the ropeway is closed due to high winds, passengers will receive a souvenir in place of riding the ropeway.
    ●We will distribute a discount ticket that can be used for the following items at Usuzan Ropeway Gift Shop:
    Lake Toya Wagyu Croquette ...¥100 off each. ¥100 off
    original milk soft serve (¥300->¥200).
    *We will distribute a discount ticket for admission to the bear farm. (adults ¥850 -> ¥750, children ¥500 ->¥400)
  • *②
  • ●Entrance Hall - Gift shop (mostly goods), gift shop and restaurant.
    ●Museum Café - Gift shop (mostly books), restaurant serving light meals.
    ●National Museum Exhibit captions are given in five languages (Japanese, English, Traditional and Simplified Chinese, and Korean) Visitors can download the special app that will provide guidance in a foreign language (number of applicable languages is not yet determined).
    ●Studio … Offers tours of studios where artists are working on sculptures, tapestries, and embroidery.
    ●Kotan Zone … Visitors can view typical Ainu architecture.
  • ●Experiential Exchange Hall ... Traditional Ainu dances are held. (doors open at 00, and performance lasts for 20 min) There are some times when a documentary or animation movie is played(duration 20 min).
    ●Lake Poroto ... Poroto is Ainu for "large marsh." This area has been developed as a space for the National Ainu Museum and Park.
  • ◆There are many free WIFI spots throughout the facility. The facility is constructing a system where, if you download the free app on your smartphone, you can listen to explanations for each exhibit. (details are not yet confirmed)

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Special Notes

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