Shiroi Koibito Park, Exploring Otaru Canal, and Otaru Aquarium Tour (Excluding Multilingual Audio System)

  • Minimum requirement of one passenger to operate.
  • 1 day tour
  • Recommendations
  • Exploring Otaru
  • Aquarium
Operation Period October 16 - November 15, 2019
Duration -
Distance -
Embarkation Point/Departure and Arrival Times
Sapporo Station Bus Terminal/ Dep 8:55 Arr 17:30

*Includes admission to Otaru Aquarium, shows inside the aquarium, and admission to Shiroi Koibito Factory Course Tour

みどころ PICK UP!!

This is a new Regular Sightseeing Bus course for fall, 2019.


This is a recommended course for sightseeing in the fall. The tour takes you to Otaru where you will have free time to explore the canal and Kitaichi Glass Factory area, then to the Otaru Aquarium. It will also take you to Shiroi Koibito Park.

●Free time in Otaru: main tourist attractions include: Otaru Canal Cruise – which takes visitors on a canal cruise in the historical and romantic city of Otaru. This new activity allows you to rediscover the charm of Otaru. Each captain, full of personality, will explain the sights on this 40 minute tour.

●Nitori Art Museum (Former Hokkaido Takushoku Bank Otaru Branch)…The former Hokkaido Takushoku Bank Otaru Branch was once the office at which writer Takiji Kobayashi worked. The vaulted ceilings that reach the 2F of what was the hall, are upheld by 6 impressive ancient pillars. The 4F exhibits the works of Japanese art by Daikan Yokoyama and Tamado Kawai, Western art by Western and Japanese artists such as Ryusei Kishida, and on the 2F, wooden sculptures by Koun Takamura and his understudies. The basement is an Art Nouveau and Art Deco glass gallery.

●Art Nouveau and Art Deco Glass Gallery (Nitori Art Museum B1)- Exhibits glass and lamps by Gallé, Daum Brothers and Lalique. The “Lamp Forest,” reminiscent of the Paris Expo in 1900, exhibits a large number of table lamps that illuminate the venue. Besides the beautiful glass, Art Nouveau and Art Deco furniture is exhibited, creating a glamourous interior.

●The Former Mitsui Bank Otaru Branch – The 6th generation of the bank rebuilt in Showa 2 (1927). It was designed by Tatsuzo Sone, a leading architecht of Japan at the time. It showcases Rennaissaince style with its bold and impressive stonework, vaulted corridors, and plaster ceilings. This beautiful building that possesses a sense of dignity and exquisiteness, provides visitors with a pleasant discovery of history, dating back to when the building was erected, not to mention the charm of bank construction itself.

●Stained Glass Museum (Former Takahashi Warehouse) The Former Takahashi Warehouse, built in the early 20th Century, is a Western-style, timber and stone building, typical of Otaru, and showcases queen post trusses. Approximately 140 stained glass windows that adorned churches in England between the late 1900′s and early 20th Century are on exhibit. The light shining through the glass in front of you, seems to spread in every direction, filling the room with showers of serene sunlight. The Otaru Art Base Museum shop next door is admission-free.

●Kitaichi Glass Factory : Glass ornaments and dishes are the typical souvenir of Otaru. among the glassware of Otaru, Kitaichi boasts the largest inventory of merchandise, as well as quality. Visitors can enjoy shopping, and gourmet foods as well.

●Otaru Music Box Musuem : The clear ring of an orgel(music box), accentuates the nostalgic streets of Otaru. This is a very popular tourist attraction among foreign visitors.

●Otaru Aquarium: Approximately 250 species, 5,000 fish and creatures of both the warm and cold seas are exhibited in about 70 small to large tanks.
The location of the aquarium, sitting facing the Sea of Japan, and surrounded by nature, is absolutely perfect. This course allows visitors to see the walrus, penguin, Steller sea lion, South American sea lion, dolphin and earless seal shows.



8:55 Sapporo Station Bus Terminal
via Nishi 5-chome
Sapporo Kita IC
Otaru IC
10:05~12:40 *①Otaru Aquarium (tour)
12:55~15:20 *②Otaru Canal Terminal (free time for lunch, exploring Kitaichi Glass, Venetian Art Musuem, and Otaru Canal)
Otaru IC
Sapporo IC
15:55~16:55 *③Shiroi Koibito Park (tour)
17:10 Kita 1 Jo Nishi 12-chome (D/O possible)
17:20 Kita 1 Jo Nishi 4-chome (2 minute walk to Grand Hotel, D/O possible)
17:25 Sapporo Clock Tower (D/O possible)
17:30 Sapporo Station Bus Terminal
  • ※①At Otaru Aquarium, you can see the walrus, penguin, Steller sea lion, South American sea lion, dolphin and earless seal shows.
    • South American sea lion and dolphin show10:30~10:50
      The South American sea lion show has three different scenarios - "Sea lion school," "Audience interactive show," and "2 sea lions' show." Watch the cute sea lions perform, and afterwards you can enjoy the powerful and energetic bottlenose dolphin show!
    • Walrus feeding time11:20~11:30
      Walruses are marine mammals with tusks, the second largest to those of elephants, which live mainly in the Arctic Sea. Otaru Aquarium is the only place in Hokkaido where you can see walruses. Though they are powerful animals, they are able to become familiar with humans, and have an extraordinary ability to understand. We hope you will get a feel for the ecology of walruses as you watch and listen to the staff give a talk while feeding them.
    • Earless seal show11:40~11:50
      Even in the seas around Otaru, wild seals can be seen during winter. In the seal show, you can learn about the physical characteristics and little known capabilities of the seals,
    • Penguin show11:50~12:00
      The penquins that appear in the show are Fumbolt penguins that inhabit countries in South America such as Peru and Chile. The funny penguins do as they please even during the show. Though they have big appetites, they have no interest in performing!Enjoy the humourous performance of these cute little penguins.
    • Steller sea lion show12:00~12:10
      Steller sea lions, the largest of the Otariidae family, are known to swim near the coasts of Hokkaido during wither. In the Steller sea lion show, a maximum of 6 sea lions will dive all at the same time, or do impressive hand stands right in front of the audience! Thoug they are huge and appear a little scary, Steller sea lions are very gentle. We hopw you will see the soft side of these magnificent creatures during the show.。
  • ※②Otaru Canal Cruise (duration 40 min) Those who have reservations, and those who do not, but wish to ride, must show up 15 minutes before time of departure.
    Show your bus ticket stub and Adults ¥1,500 -> ¥1,350 , children ¥500->¥450. 1 preschool child (4 - 6), per adult is free.
    Additional children must pay child's price. Show your bus ticket stub and get a 10% discount on your cruise. Please note that the cruise may be cancelled in strong winds or inclement weather. Passengers must book the cruise. If you wish to take the cruise, please make reservations yourself. Same day reservations are not accepted between Apr 26 - May 6, and July 20 - Sept 30. Please book your reservation up to one day in advance, or go directly to the pier and check for vacancies. You may not be able to board if it is crowded.
  • ★Nitori Art Base (*free admission for jr. high and under)
    ●Show your Regular Sightseeing Bus ticket stub and pay the following discounted fees. Subject to change.
    Adults College Students High School Students
    3-Facility Pass : Nitori Art Museum, Stained Glass Museum,
    and Former Mitsui Bank Otaru Branch
    ¥1800 ¥1350 ¥900
    ●Show your Regular Sightseeing Bus ticket stub and pay the following discounted fees.
    Visit each musuem individually as well (in such case, there are no discounts for facilities)
    Adults College Students High School Students
    Nitori Art Museum ¥1500 ¥1000 ¥700
    Stained Glass Musuem ¥700 ¥500 ¥400
    Former Mitsui Bank Otaru Branch ¥500 ¥300 ¥200
  • 大 If you wish to receive a high school or college student discount, you must be able to provide student ID. (This applies to foreigners as well)
    Groups of 10 or more require a reservation in advance. (If you do not book a reservation, you will not be eligible for disounts.
    Please book your reservation 5 days in advance.) Audio guidance system rentals are available. (supplies are limited, and guidance is only available in Japanese. Please ask the staff.)
  • Otaru Music Box Museum Main Building Purchase over ¥3,000 and you will receive an original book mark (must show bus ticket stub).
  • Kitakaro - Show your ticket stub and receive 2 Hamanasu-no-Koi cookies.
  • Group photo on Otaru Canal (¥1,000 if you purchase the photo)
  • The guide will hand out a 10% discount coupon for marine, agricultural products, and crafts, and a 5% discount coupon for snacks that can be used at Kitano Ryoba Otaru Canal branch, Otaru No. 5 branch, and Otaru Canal Annex. (excludes Chuo Bus recommended menu, drinks, alcohol, economical sets that include shipping, shipping, and cold cases) Regular sightseeing bus passengers can order a recommended special meal(pay on site) at Kitano Ryoba.
  • Chuo Bus Original Seafood Donburi: Seafood Donburi (3 slices of salmon, salmon roe 10g, one slice of scallop, one slice of pink shrimp, one slice of tuna, one slice of squid, flying fish roe 10g, one slice of egg roll) Miso soup, ¥1,814(with tax)/After tax revision ¥1,848(with tax)
  • Sea Urchin/Salmon Roe Donburi ¥4,048(with tax)
  • Kitamae Donburi ¥3,058 (with tax) Prices are subject to change.
  • Show your regular sightseeing bus ticket stub at Otaru Bine(products are excluded), Otaru Canal Diner (excludes Kuraya inside the diner), and Hanagokoro Otaru for a discount on your purchases.
  • Kitakaro show your bus ticket stub and get two Hamanasu-no-koi cookies for free.
  • ※③At the Shiroi Koibito Park Factory Course you will be able to tour the 3 following areas.
  • Chocotopia Factory (former Chocolate Factory 3F)
    Besides viewing the Shiroi Koibito cookie production line, you will be able to see the new baumkuchen production line as well as a large diorama that humourously depicts the process in which Shiroi Koibito cookies are made.
  • Chocotopia Market (former Chocolate Factory 4F)
    Even the cafe has undergone renovations, and offers a new menu of dishes featuring mainly chocolate(pay on site).

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Special Notes

◎If no reservations are made by 18:00 the day before, the tour will be cancelled.
◎Tour time at each facility will depend on traffic that day, the number of passengers and other factors.
◎Arrival time for this course may be earlier depending on whether or not the facility is open or not, or limitations on tours.
◎Please note that the buses may be delayed due to inclement weather or traffic conditions, so please allow ample time for transfers to other means of transportation.
◎The tour may be cancelled due to disasters or other unavoidable circumstances, so please be sure to contact us about whether the tour is in operation during unusual weather.