Lake Shikotsu and Lake Toya Tour (Multilingual Audio Tour)

  • Minimum requirement of one passenger to operate.
  • 1 day tour
  • Recommendations
  • Ropeway・Gondola riding
  • Winter fun in Hokkaido courses.
  • Multilingual guided tour
  • New courses
  • Hot springs
  • Meal included
Operation Period Mar 1- Apr 3, 2017
Duration 10 hrs and 25 min
Distance 243km
Embarkation Point/Departure and Arrival Times
Sapporo Station Bus Terminal Dep. 8:35 Arr. 19:00

*Includes lunch and ropeway fare
*This course is operated with a multilingual audio guidance system in Chinese, English, Japanese and Korean. Japanese guidance is also provided by the audio system. (A tour guide will be on board, but will not provide actual guidance.)

みどころ PICK UP!!

Experience the majestic beauty of “Lake Shikotsu” and the spectacular nature of Lake Toya.


As you drive through the thick forests that seem to continue forever, a beautiful lake surrounded by majestic nature comes into view. “Lake Shikotsu” is well known for the clarity of its water and was once listed on “the Best Water in Japan” by the Ministry of Environment.
This is a caldera lake, the remains of a very large volcanic eruption a hundred thousand years ago, where the water is highly mineral rich and is well known for its rich flora and fauna.
Have a lunch at Toyako Manseikaku, and enjoy the refreshing view of the lake side. Proceed to Mt. Usu was the first in Japan to be designated as Global Geoparks in August 2009 by Global Geopark Network supported by UNESCO. They feature lots of places to visit. Why not go to the footpaths (walking paths) and get educated by guide posts and guide tours , etc. There are 58 Global Geoparks in 18 countries and Toya Caldera and Usu Volcano Geopark is recognized as 59th of them. Take the ropeway to up there to see Mt. Usu.
This is a recommended tour that allows you to visit two of Hokkaido’s signature lakes in one day.



8:35 Sapporo Station Bus Terminal
Highway Route 12
Sapporo Minami IC
Chitose IC
10:20~10:50 *①Lake Shikotsu(free time) (The lake cruiser is suspended and cannot be boarded)
11:35~12:00 Mushroom Kingdom Otaki Branch(rest)
12:45~14:10 *②Toyako Manseikaku (lunch, bath and exploring the area around the lake)
14:20~15:50 *③Mt. Usuzan Ropeway (ride on the ropeway), Mt. Showa Shinzan Glass Studio, Showa Shinzan Bear Farm( free time to explore)
16:15~16:30 Silo Observatory
Via Highway Route 230
17:30~17:45 Nakayama Pass
18:10 You can get off the bus at the following locations.
Jozankei Hot Springs
18:45 Sapporo Park Hotel
18:47 Hotel MYSTAYS Premier Sapporo Park
18:48 Jasmac Plaza Hotel
18:50 Susukino
18:55 Sapporo Clock Tower
19:00 Sapporo Station Bus Terminal
  • *This course in operated with a multilingual audio guidance system. (Audio provided in Chinese, English, Japanese and Korean)
  • *Japanese guidance is also provided by the audio system. (A tour guide will be on board, but will not provide guidance.)
  • *①The cruise boat at Lake Shikotsu is not in operation at this time and cannot be boarded.
  • *②Lunch content: pork udon sukiyaki set: salmon and mushrooms baked with miso, egg roll, grated daikon radish, rolled cabbage cooked with two kinds of vegetables, gluten cake, pork udon ski with cabbage, onions, mushrooms, baby scallops and corn cold egg custard, deep-fried surf smelt wrapped in seaweed and almond shrimp, raw green chili peppers, potato salad, white rice, clam soup, pickles, side dish, oranges and grapefruit(subject to change).
  • *You have the option of bathing in the hot springs at Manseikaku. Adults ¥500, children ¥250(preschool children do not pay). Towels are not provided(rental face and bath towel sets are ¥300).
  • *③Although there is a pathway to the summit of Mt. Usuzan, please be sure to wear clothes and shoes fit for walking. If the ropeway is closed due to strong winds, we will hand out a souvenir instead.
  • *Show your regular sightseeing bus ticket stub at the gift shop at Mt. Usuzan Ropeway and the following items will receive a discount.
    Toyako Red Beef Sand Croquette …¥50 off(¥150-> ¥100), original Milk Soft Serve Ice Cream…¥100 off (¥300-> ¥200)
  • *Show your bus ticket stub at the Showa Shinzan Glass Studio and you will receive an original post card for free. If you purchase any items in the store, you will receive a glass animal rubber band holder(with a magnet)(you cannot choose the type of gift you receive).
  • *Show your bus ticket stub at the Bear Farm and get a discount on admission. (Adults ¥850 -> ¥750, children ¥500 -> ¥400.)

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Special Notes

◎If no reservations are made by 18:00 the day before, the tour will be cancelled.
◎Tour time at each facility will depend on traffic that day, the number of passengers and other factors.
◎Arrival time for this course may be earlier depending on whether or not the facility is open or not, or limitations on tours.
◎Please note that the buses may be delayed due to inclement weather or traffic conditions, so please allow ample time for transfers to other means of transportation.
◎The tour may be cancelled due to disasters or other unavoidable circumstances, so please be sure to contact us about whether the tour is in operation during unusual weather.