Asahiyama Zoo One-Day Tour (Excluding Multilingual Audio System)

【Concerning the suspension of ALL Regular Sightseeing Buses due to the Declaration of State of Emergency regarding the prevention of the spread of Novel COVID-19】

We thank our patrons for the continued support and use of the Chuo Bus Company.
The Japanese government has declared a state of emergency that encompasses a wider area, as a special revised measure to prevent the further spread of the Novel COVID-19. Hokkaido prefecture has also issued preventative measures against the spread of the virus. In light of these new measures, and for the purpose of protecting the safety and health of our customers, prevention of the further spread of the virus is our priority. For this reason, we have decided to suspend ALL Regular Sightseeing courses until further notice.
We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause our patrons and customers, and thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation during this difficult time.

●Suspension period
Until further notice
●Suspended courses
All Regular Sightseeing Bus courses scheduled to operate during this period.
The service restart date will be posted on our Regular Sightseeing Bus multiple language website pages.

  • Minimum requirement of one passenger to operate.
  • 1 day tour
  • Recommendations
  • Zoo Theme Park
Operation Period Apr. 29 - Nov. 3, Nov. 11 - 30, 2020
Duration 8 hours 45 min
(9 hr and 50 min between Nov 1 - Nov 30)
Distance 321km
Embarkation Point/Departure and Arrival Times
Sapporo Station Bus Terminal Dep 9:20
Arr 18:05
(Dep 9:00, Arr 18:50 between Nov 1 - Nov 30)

(Junior-high school student or Adult
with no admission ticket ¥ 4,200) including an admission of Asahiyama Zoo

みどころ PICK UP!!

Direct transfer to Asahiyama Zoo which is the nation-wide popular tourist site! Have a breezy excursion attended with sophisticated a local guide.


This tour invites you to Asahiyama Zoo where many tourists visit. There is the‘Seal Aquarium’ and ‘Polar Bear Aquatic Park, where you can observe the animals’ natural behavior. The‘Orangutan Trapeze’, ‘Spider Monkey & Capybara’, “Chimpanzee’s Forest” are also highlights of the zoo. Get a feel for the animals up close at the ‘Lesser Panda Suspension Bridge’ and ‘Tancho-sha’. Many repeat tourists visit Asahiyama Zoo.
We will go to Asahiyama Zoo in Asahikawa directly from Sapporo. It will take much time to Asahikawa, but we do not lose your interest because of tour bus. Our tour guides will entertain you with their talk depending on each view or destination. Your destination is only Asahiyama, so you have much time to look around there. This is not a busy tour with many destinations, but relaxed so you can look around at the animals to your heart’s content.
On the way back to Sapporo, we will stop for a rest at the Sunagawa Highway Oasis, where you can enjoy shopping for special products of Hokkaido and taste good food in the cafeteria managed by the famous confectionery maker in Hokkaido. You can alight at ‘Sapporo Clock Tower,’the symbol of Sapporo, near Odori. Let’s go to Asahiyama Zoo to look for vigorous animals in comfortable tour bus.




9:20 Sapporo Station Bus Terminal
10:30~10:45 Sunagawa S.A 【15min】
11:50~15:25 ※①Asahiyama Zoo (visit) 【215min】
16:30~16:50 Sunagawa Highway Oasis (rest) 【20min】
17:55 Sapporo Factory (Disembarkation possible)
18:00 Sapporo Clock Tower(Disembarkation possible)
18:05 Sapporo Station Bus Terminal


9:00 Sapporo Station Bus Terminal
10:35~11:00 Sunagawa Highway Oasis (rest) 【25min】
12:20~15:30 ※①Asahiyama Zoo (visit) 【190min】
17:00~17:15 Sunagawa S.A (rest) 【15min】
18:40 Sapporo Factory (Disembarkation possible)
18:45 Sapporo Clock Tower(Disembarkation possible)
18:50 Sapporo Station Bus Terminal
  • ※① Lunch is up to each individual, so please make plans accordingly. Note that the restaurants and gift shops inside the park will be crowed on weekends, holidays and during summer vacation, so we suggest you purchase a lunch box ahead of time, or bring your own lunch.

Schedule Calendar

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※Colored days are operating days.

Special Notes

◎Duration of sightseeing may be changed due to the traffic and the number of passengers
◎Arrival time will be earlier than scheduled time due to the holiday break or the restriction condition of the facility.
◎Please allow enough time for transfer to the other modes of transport, because buses may be delayed due to the traffic jams or adverse weather conditions.
◎Tours may be cancelled due to the snow disaster. Please contact us to reconfirm the operation in the event of abnormal weather.