【Sapporo Morning Tour】Shiroi Koibito Park and Central Wholesale Market Tour (Multilingual Audio Tour)

  • No minimum number of guests
  • Half-day morning tour
  • 音声案内コース
Operation Period June 10 - October 10, 2022
Duration 4 hours 30 min
Distance 25.4km
Embarkation Point/Departure and Arrival Times
Sapporo Station Bus Terminal / Dep 9:00 Arr 13:30

This course is guided in Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean.
※Sightseeing guide will accompany, but will not explain the sights.Guidance is available through audio system.

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4-hour Shiroi Koibito Park、”Hokkaido Shrine” and Central Wholesale Market Bus Tour


This course is operated with a multilingual audio system that provides explanations in Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean. All of the sights will be introduced within a short time. First we will visit the “Hokkaido Jingu Shrine” which is situated slightly to the west of Central Sapporo. The sacred grounds of the shrine are embraced by lush greenery, and as you enter through the gate, the main shrine comes into view.
After leaving Hokkaido Jingu shrine, the bus will head for Mt. Okura Ski Jump Stadium. The ski jump stadium here is said to be the prince of all sports. It is said that the Baron Okura Kishichro heard the voice of the late Chichibu Prince, and commissioned the architectural design of the ski jump to Major General Olaf Helset of Norway. Numerous competitions have been held here and have contributed to the nurturing of many athletes. However, the ski jump was renovated in 1970 in preparation for the Winter Olympics which were to be held two years later, and became the stage for the 11th Sapporo Winter Olympics 90-meter ski jump venue. From the observation deck located at an elevation of 307 meters, the approach to the jump (runway), and the entire city of Sapporo and Ishikari Plains can be seen.
Once we leave the Mt. Okura Ski Jump Stadium, we will head to the Shiroi Koibito Park. At the Shiroi Koibito Park, you will be able to view the production line of the “”chocolate factory,”" the “”tudor houses”" of medieval Great Britain, the Grand Meister (an enormous mechanical clock tower), and much more. This is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Sapporo. During the summer, English and old roses bloom ceaselessly inside the Rose Garden. There are over 2200 roses comprised of 300 varieties of roses that bloom at once, enveloping the area in a sweet aroma. Next door is the “”Miyanosawa Shiroi Koibito Soccer Field,”" home field of the Sapporo Consadole Soccer Team, and visitors can sneak peeks of their practice, or check out the “”Consadole Sapporo Collection House.”" After our visit at Shiroi Koibito Park, we will go to the Central Sapporo Wholesale Market.

The Sapporo Central Wholesale Market is the kitchen of Sapporo, where fresh vegetables, fruits, meat, crabs, and other fresh seafood can be purchased. There are also a number of restaurants to choose from that offer gourmet seafood bowls, fresh grilled fish combos, and much more, so this is where you will have free time to enjoy lunch. After you have filled your stomachs with great food and bought some souvenirs, we will stop by the Sapporo Clock Tower, an iconic tourist attraction of Sapporo. You can even get off here and sightsee downtown. This is a fulfilling course that takes you to a number of great attractions within a short amount of time.



9:00 Sapporo Station Bus Terminal
  Former Hokkaido Government Office Building
  Odori Park
  Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art
9:20~9:45 Hokkaido Shrine (visit) [25 min]
9:55~10:55 ※① Mt. Okura Ski Jump Stadium (free time) [60 min]
11:15~11:45 ※②Shiroi Koibito Park (visit) [30 min]
12:05~13:10 ※③Sapporo Central Wholesale Market(shopping/lunch)[65 min]
  via Nishi Junana-chome, Kita Ichijo-dori
13:25 Sapporo Clock Tower
13:30 Sapporo Station Bus Terminal
  • ※①
  • Mt. Okura Ski Jump Chairlift (Discount applied when you show your regular sightseeing bus ticket stub)  ≪Optional≫ Adults ¥800 Children ¥400
  • Olympic Museum ≪Optional≫ Adults ¥600 Jr. High and under free
  • We suggest!:Soft Serve Ice Cream from Café Lupo(Discount applied when you show your regular sightseeing bus ticket stub)Milk Soft Serve ¥330 Closed Wednesdays
  • ※②
  • Shiroi Koibito Park (Shopping/Sightseeing)
    Face Masks Required
    Temperature Checks at the Door (Persons with a temperature of 37.5℃ or more will not be admitted)
  • Shiroi Koibito Park measures the concentration of CO2 inside the buildings, and if the concentration rises, visitors will not be allowed inside the gift shops or café on site.
  • ※③
  • Central Wholesale Market
    Exclusive Menu for Regular Sightseeing Bus Passengers available.
    Show your bus ticket stub and receive the following menu items.
  • Meal Content
    ・Tairyo Sushi Wakakoma: Sushi with Grilled Scallops Set ¥ 1,870
    ・Kitano Gurume-tei: Manpuku C Set ¥1,650
    ・Umeido: Chuo Bus Tricolor Donburi ¥1,870
    ・Yanshu Cuisine Kitano Ryoba:Chef's Choice Seafood Donburi ¥2,178
    ・Sushi Dokoro Kitano Shun:Chef's Choice Rice Balls ¥1,800
    ・Unagi Yashu:Casual Eel Set (small) ¥1,870
    ・Omoide Shokudo:Special Omoide Set ¥1,870
Tairyo Sushi Wakakoma: Sushi with Grilled Scallops Set Kitano Gurume-tei: Manpuku C Set Umeido: Chuo Bus Tricolor Donburi
Yanshu Cuisine Kitano Ryoba:Chef's Choice Seafood Donburi Sushi Dokoro Kitano Shun:Chef's Choice Rice Balls Unagi Yashu:Casual Eel Set (small)
Omoide Shokudo:Special Omoide Set

  • Show your Regular Sightseeing Bus ticket stub and get discounts at the following stores.
    Iwamoto Shoten, Kanedai, Hokkaido Specialty Products, Nagamine Fisheries, Nikkai (No., 1, 2, and 3 shops), Nemuro Sugiyama Fisheries - 5% OFF select products (some excluded)

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Special Notes

●This bus is customized for the multilingual audio system.(Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean)(Sightseeing guide will accompany, but will not explain the sights.Guidance is available through audio system.) (Tour not accompanied by a tour guide)
●Please be reminded that seat availability is limited to 40 passengers and no extra bus service is available
※The regular mechanical checks will be made on 12/7・1/22・3/4~3/7. During the inspection, we will offer the charted sightseeing buses.
※We may offer regular sightseeing bus ( no bilingual audio system ) in case of a breakdown or maintenance.
※Duration of sightseeing will be changed due to the traffic and the number of passengers
※Arrival time will be earlier than scheduled time due to holiday break or restriction condition of the facility.
※Please allow enough time for transfer to the other modes of transport, because buses may be delayed due to traffic jams or adverse weather conditions.
※Tours may be cancelled due to the snow disaster. Please contact us to reconfirm the operation in the event of abnormal weather.